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The Learn Power BI program has been lovingly designed with you in mind, to give you the fastest, shortest path to mastering Power BI!

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6 Core Video Modules you can watch 24x7
(10+ hours of content with pure value)


Get a jumpstart on Power BI Basics and start creating powerful Dashboards right away.


Messy Data? Master the Kitchen of Power BI, where you can easily Clean, Shape and Transform your messy data.


Relationships can be tricky, in real life and in Power BI :-). Learn the best practices that would keep you out of trouble.


DAX can be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding aspect of Power BI. We make this complex topic simple.


Avoid ugly Dashboards built by "accident". Learn the Visualization best practices and create beautiful and functional Dashboards by Design!


Learn to Share your reports, Set up auto-refresh and more, using the PowerBI.com platform.

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Learn Power BI

  • Complete Learn Power BI Online Course
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One Time Payment - $291
Payment Plan - $97 x 3


  • Complete Learn Power BI Online Course
  • Online Community
  • Essential Bonuses
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Private One-on-One Consulting Sessions

Strategy Edition Enroll - $ 1995

Plus, Essential Bonuses


Ready to become a Power BI Master?

Live Q & A Calls

Live Question & Answer calls are the best feature of the Learn Power BI Program!

Facebook Live Q&A

Here's what students are saying:

"I think the real 'gold' has been in our Q&A meetings..."

- Heather R.

"Probably the biggest moments for me have been the Q&A's..."

- Sean O' Sullivan

Ready to become a Power BI Master?

What they are saying about the Course

See what past attendees have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Avi's course offers a complete comprehensive online training course covering the full cycle of data preparation, data modeling and dashboard sharing and deployment.
It is the only training program on the market that offers live Q&A meetings for support. Students are encouraged to bring their questions and problems to the meetings."
"The personalized attention offerred in this course is absolutely invaluable."

Pamela Baker,
Manager - Planning, Forecasting & Analysis. Volvo Group

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Your course has really helped me develop a better fundamental understanding about Power BI.” 
"Power BI is going to be a game changer down the line, you need to learn this tool fast! 
I would recommend this program to as many people as I can because: 
1) It will make your life easier through automating processes through Query Editor. 
2) Allow you to create beautiful/sophisticated DAX Measures that will not only bring value to your company from the insights/cost saving you will discover but also bring value/recognition to yourself. 
3) It would be really cool to have Power BI conversations with all your peers :-)"

Alp Akdeniz,
Financial Analyst CA Technologies

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This course has been a real, immediate, tangible benefit in terms of being able to simplify the management of my models…  
Avi’s ability to apply simple rules to complex ideas, has really helped me feel more confident about the work I’m doing.  
The power and utility of modern excel has completely revolutionized my career!

Elaine C.
Director of Financial Business Analytics, Washington DC

“I started Avi's class with a 6-day old newborn son and a 2-year-old daughter! I have learned many nice tricks and hacks (I especially liked those for Query Engine and DAX formulas).

I also fell in love with Power BI Desktop (though still love Excel equally). While doing exercises and then during the end-class project, I gained enough practice to feel confident to work with these tools on my own. "

JUSTYNA BUKS | International Finance, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Poland

"I had been playing around in Power BI for about 2 months and there was so much I didn’t understand. I had google searched for numerous things which only provided somewhat of the answers I was looking for. 

This process was very time consuming and many times did not result in resolution to my satisfaction. Avi’s course has helped tremendous and allowed my to do more complicated actions within Power BI. Also I have learned many of the best practices that go along with Power BI thanks to Avi."

KEITH NAIL | Service Delivery Manager, Unimin Corporation (Sibelco North America)


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I watch the course videos as soon as I sign up?

Yes! You would get immediate access to the course upon signup. The complete course is available 24x7 from any device.

What if I miss the enrollment deadline, can I enroll later?

If you miss the deadline, you can add yourself to the waitlist. But with our amazing 1-year money-back guarantee and lifetime course access, there is really no reason to wait. So join now :-)

When are the Live Calls scheduled? And how long are the calls? Are they recorded?

The Q&A Calls are scheduled either at 9 am Pacific time or 12 noon Pacific time on a weekday. Calls are conducted on a regular basis. You would find the complete schedule inside the course once you sign up.

The calls are scheduled for one hour but often go longer than that (all depends on whether you keep asking me interesting questions 😃).

All Q&A calls are recorded and posted inside our Online group.

Is this course for me even if my company is not willing to go to the cloud (PowerBI.com)?

Yes, absolutely. There are many ways to leverage the strength of Power BI without going to the cloud - from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Report Server. Course would cover these options as well.

The online course is how many total video hours?

The online course is 10+ hours of video and these hours pack a punch! I have distilled my many years of Power BI experience and hard-fought lessons in this course. There is no fluff, no useless stuff, just Non-Stop valuable content!

This course is not an encyclopedia (lengthy and boring!) or 1001 tips and tricks (exciting but unhelpful). I focus on building your core concepts using concrete examples.

• The Live Q&A sessions which essentially allow you to tailor the training to exactly fit your needs • Network of Learn Power BI Family members that you can always lean on • All the Essential Bonuses listed in the Course Module section

Can I see an outline of exactly what is covered in each module?

You can find the course outline here: • Course Outline 

Remember, that is only one component of the course. You have the Live Q&A Calls, Private Discussion Group, Course Bonuses, and lifetime access and lifetime updates for the course!

What is your refund policy?

I offer Avi Singh's One-Full-Year Love-the-Course or Your-Money-Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Yes, that's how much I trust that the course would indeed unlock your analytical superpowers. If you have any reason to not love the course, you have one full year to ask me for your money back.

If you have any other questions, contact me using the options at the bottom of this page!

Got more Questions? 📧Email avi@avising.com